Modern parents want to give their children everything they can. But some parents have taken this trend too far. These “elitist” parents look down on other parents who give their children sugary snacks or whole milk instead of baby carrots and almond milk. Although these moms and dads can be hard to get along with at times, companies like Fisher-Price are eager to squeeze them for every dollar they can because they know that they’re willing to shell out a lot of money to look like they’re taking care of their children better than any other parent in town.

Fisher-Price has come out with a new charcuterie board play set. This set has snacks for two and helps preschoolers learn about food items as well as practice their fine motor skills. They can use a play knife to cut genoa salami or spread cheese onto their crackers. They can also eat fake grapes along with their fake salami and fake cheese and fake crackers.

The set sells on Amazon for just $14. This is a bargain price for a toy that aims to make children look better than other kids and to elevate their sense of self. Besides the food items already listed above, the set comes with fabric napkins with kitschy phrases printed on them like “You’re grape” and “Let it brie.” There is also a cutting board and faux-marble plates for children to serve up a snack to their friends.

The Fisher-Price toy was advertised with an image of two children wearing fancy hats and looking like dapper young Parisians. Some people have called the product “snooty” while others think they’re simply marketing their product to desperate parents who want their kids to be raised “elitist.”

One user tweeted: “This is the most bougie toy I’ve ever seen.”

“What the heck is happening to kids’ toys?” another critic wrote.

Although there are a lot of people who are outraged that children’s toys are promoting an elitist lifestyle, others are overjoyed that Fisher-Price has met their need and has come out with such an “interesting” toy.

For example, the Louisville columnist, Maggie Menderski, tweeted: “Really not sure why this charcuterie board toy is getting so much flack. Making a good cheese tray is an excellent social/hosting skill.”

Fisher-Price advertises their item as being great for “Little foodies (who) will love indulging in fancy snacking fun with the Fisher-Price Snacks for Two role play set. This pretend charcuterie set is loaded with delicious hands-on play, including a soft salami kids can ‘slice,’ pull-apart grapes (perfect for sharing!), ‘crackers’ for stacking, stylish plates and real fabric napkins. Bon appétit, kiddo!”

Although the toy has its critics, parents are in love with it.

“I’m so impressed with the quality and the non-cheesy look and feel of the products,” one parent wrote on an Amazon review.

Do you think this play pretend toy has gone too far? Or are modern children simply leading a different kind of life than kids just a few generations back were?

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