After midnight on Tuesday, a woman wearing nothing more than a towel walked up to a home on East Main Street in Medford, Oregon, and started banging on the door. The doorbell camera captured the strange moment. The female was crying and gasping for breath as she desperately tried to knock on the door to get someone to help her. When no one comes to the door, the woman leaves in horror as she explains, “Oh, my god!”

The incident was so bizarre that the homeowner had no choice but to alert the police. They didn’t know if the woman had been the victim of someone’s plot to keep her under lock and keep. Or maybe she was terrorizing people in the neighborhood and was hoping to give people a good scare. However, it seems that the woman was more likely to have been made a victim. She seemed distressed and was crying.

“Open up! Please!” she said into the door as she cries.

When no one comes to the door to help her, she becomes very panicked. She then decides to flee the scene, likely going on to another house where she can find someone who can help her.

“Oh, my God!” the woman cries before she leaves the frame of the doorbell camera.

The police in Oregon have taken the issue seriously. They hate the idea of a woman being victimized by some predator in the community, so they are doing everything in their power to find her and to bring her to safety.

“We searched the area extensively, and canvassed the neighborhood door to door, but could not locate any leads,” police stated.

The Medford Police Department published the alarming footage on their Facebook page and asked people in the community to do their part to help identify the woman. Since it was posted on the social media platform, the footage has been viewed at least 123,000 times and counting.

After the police department posted the video, they received dozens of tips. People think they might know who the woman is and want to do what they can to help the police find her. They don’t want someone in their community to live under the threat of some sinister force.

“We need to find her and make sure she is okay,” the agency’s original post said.

Readers on Daily Mail were very alarmed by this. They shared comments that shared that they hope the police are able to find the woman and to make sure that she is brought into a safe place away from whoever – or whatever – seemed to be hunting her.

“Oh god this is really upsetting, I hope they find her safe & well. She looks petrified.”

This woman could not have been dealing with an issue at a worse time. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, people are afraid to come into close contact with other people, especially strangers who randomly appear at their doors wearing nothing but a wet towel.

What do you make of this bizarre footage from Oregon?

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