Ever since COVID-19 has taken over the world, the Chinese-created TikTok app has become increasingly popular. Because the app encourages real people to create videos from their lives, participants are doing everything they can think of to get their fifteen minutes of fame. But one person, writer Krista Torres, shared a video on the social platform revealing how a tiny worm was crawling across one of the strawberries she recently bought.

Torres tried a new fruit cleansing method that promises to rid fruit and berries of small worms and other critters that like to call popular fruit their homes. Because Torres soaked the strawberries in her saltwater paste, she was able to force a small worm out of hiding.

More and more people like Torres are horrified to know that their store-bought fruits are infected with parasites like the worms in her strawberries. The worm fled the safety of the strawberry’s delicious interior following a thirty-minute salt water soak.

Torres could not bear to know that worms have been hiding in her store-bought strawberries. Because she is repulsed by the little squirming bit of protein, she shared the results with her fans on TikTok, who also commented about the disgusting nature of the condition of these berries.

“It’s moving,” Torres cries. “There it is. Oh my God, I am going to barf. I am so disgusted right now.”

People shared a lot of comments regarding the strawberries in Torres’s video – and fruits and berries in general since they’re likely infected with small worms.

“I don’t think I will eat berries ever again!” one person commented.

Another wrote, “Strawberry sales are about to go down.”

Other people remarked how the worm is just a bit of “extra protein” in a bite.

Another TikTok user named 31Toni shared a similar video to Torres’s. In this person’s video, it is clear that her store-bought container of strawberries also contained the small worms.

“The water was already looking a little bit musty,” she said.

As she inspects the strawberry, something moves and catches her eye.

“Shut the f**k up. I see a bug already. I know you y’all see that,” she shouted. “That’s another one. That s**t is high-key gross. I think he is even holding a smaller bug in his hand.”

While you might think it is terrifying that these fruits and berries contain so many living worms, the Food and Drug Administration allows manufacturers and American farmers to sell products with living creatures in it. Besides living insects and larvae, the FDA also allows for certain approved levels of mold and other things you would not want to eat.

“The FDA sets these action levels because it is economically impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects,” the FDA website states.

After realizing this fact about strawberries and other produce, will you go back to eating these fruits like nothing ever happened? Or does this information change the way you shop at the grocery store?

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