A new reality television show from Egypt has sparked outrage among animal rights activists across the globe. On the television program, the producers used living animals as props to perform horrible pranks on their contestants. Not only did the animal rights organization PETA call the usage of the animals “cruel,” the treatment of these animals is so bad that it’ll make the average American cringe with horror.

Mahadesh Fahem Haga is the reality show in question. The Egyptian program abuses animals worse than most circuses did. Contestants are urged to interact with animals, including monkeys that are hanged by chains from their neck and ducks that are tossed at contestants like dodgeballs. Contestants must also navigate an obstacle course of terrified dogs that have been primed for fear by fake explosions.

The program is a special on Ramadan TV. The program also included a scene when a contestant slapped a donkey across the face and then shoved the four-legged animal to its side on the ground. The program has no respect for animals, and, for once, it seems that PETA is not out of line for speaking out against this reality show.

The reality show uses animals because they are unpredictable. This provides their contestants and the audience with a new form of entertainment as they not only watch the people fight to win but watch these people deal with the animal obstacles the show’s producers have thrust into their path to success.

PETA is taking a strong stance against the offensive Egyptian show. A spokesperson for the organization wrote a detailed statement about why they are not happy with the program and what they hope happens to it.

“This morning, PETA and the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE) sent an urgent letter to Egyptian TV network MBC Group urging it to end the use of animals in Mohamed Tharwat’s Ramadan TV special, the prank show.

“As you can see in the video, the show uses violence against animals: A monkey was held and dangled by a chain around his neck, a donkey was slapped in the face, a dog was deliberately frightened by a fake electrical explosion, and ducks were violently thrown, among other incidents.

“Airing this cruel show during Ramadan, a holy time for Muslims is particularly offensive because cruelty to animals is discouraged in Islam. According to the Prophet Muhammad, those who are kind to every living being will receive an estimable reward.

“Not only are these pranks cruel to animals, but some may also violate Egypt’s Penal Code, which states that ‘any major harm [to animals] shall be punished by a jail sentence that does not exceed six months or by a fine that will not exceed 200 LE.’

“All over the world, animals who are exploited in the film and television industries are subjected to stress caused by bright lights, loud noises, and forced contact with humans. They spend much of their lives confined, are hauled from one production to another, and often endure horrific conditions off the set.”

Do you agree with PETA, or should the reality show continue?

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