When a child is born, their parents want the best for it. However, as life progresses forward, parents realize that they don’t have as much control over their children’s lives as they would like. Parents want their children to be healthy, happy, but sometimes life gets in the way. And when it came to Jacob Miller, life had a way of getting way out of control.

Although Jacob Miller was a big baby when he was born, his parents didn’t think anything of it. People in their family ran on the big side, so they just thought that he was following in their footsteps. But as Jacob Miller started to get older, things quickly went in the different direction – and it worried his family to no end.

By the time Jacob was fifteen, he was huge. He was 6 feet and 5.5 inches. And his weight had ballooned to a staggering 715 pounds. For a boy who had barely reached the age of puberty, this was massive. If he didn’t get his weight down quickly, he was going to die. Jacob was already suffering from horrible problems due to his morbid obesity like liver disease and heart problems and diabetes. But he was also struggling with the lifestyle issues that come with having a big body.

Because Jacob had such a problem with weight gain, his parents started to explore all their options. They didn’t want their son to die from morbid obesity. They brought the boy to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but doctors were baffled and could not fix Jacob’s unhealthy lifestyle, and eating habits in a flash like his parents wanted them to.

Because his life was in jeopardy, the doctors recommend he undergo gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Tom Inge, the pediatric surgeon, told Jacob’s doting parents that it was the best shot he had. If he didn’t undergo something dramatic, he’d certainly die as his child’s heart did not have the power to keep his massive body alive for much longer.

Jacob wanted to do the surgery. He was sick and tired of looking so different from the rest of his classmates. He wanted to lose weight, and he wanted to do it quickly and easily. The surgery required the least amount of effort from him and did not require him to change his unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle immediately. Although those would have to adjust if he hoped to keep the weight off.

In the weeks after the surgery, Jacob lost more than 10 percent of his body weight. He started to change his diet, and weight began to melt off of him like butter.

Soon he was going from a 10x shirt to a 5x shirt and 5x pants to 3x pants. He was doing it!

Jacob Miller than started increasing his activity level. He began with five minutes of walking. Then when he got better at that, he increased it to thirty minutes of walking. Soon he was shedding weight like a ninja and so happy with his success.

Now he’s achieving his goals.

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