After Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia failed to join the other Democrats in supporting President Joe Biden’s agenda, celebrity Bette Midler attacked him and his constituents on social media. Midler, who is a famous liberal, drew the hatred of both conservatives and liberals for attacking the people of West Virginia and insulting them with her words. Because Manchin’s support of Biden’s bill would have helped usher in an era of new governmental support of the American people, Midler said that Manchin “wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia…poor, illiterate, and strung out.”

Midler’s complete message shocked fans and opponents alike. Because it was very snobbish, she did not get a good reception and instead was ridiculed and criticized far and wide. Her entire message was the following:

“What #JoeManchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible. He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia. Poor, illiterate, and strung out.”

Many people shared their replies to Midler’s missive, claiming that the actress went much too far in her criticism of the United States Senator.

“Respectfully: This isn’t helping,” wrote Mike Schlossberg, a Democratic state legislator from Pennsylvania. “’ I AM SMARTER THAN YOU SO AGREE WITH ME’ has never convinced anyone. Ever.”

Another critic used Twitter to share, “You suck as a person.”

One more person added, “Do you feel good tweeting this from your mansion in LA?”

“This is just a simple reminder of how the ‘elite’ feel about normal Americans. She isn’t the only one but rather a representative of many. Remember this when you think about voting blue next time around,” wrote another.

“Just stop…when was the last time that you were here?” another Twitter user wrote.

Another person contributed, “How many people have you met from WV? Enough with the stereotypes. I am glad that he voted against this massive spending bill, and so are the majority of the WV people.”

Midler responded to some of the backlash but refused to back down from her original message.

“I am smarter than you all, and I know what’s best for you. Joe Manchin is a puppet who doesn’t care about his constituents. He only cares about himself and his own interests,” Midler told her social media followers.

“I am sorry if I offended you, but it is how I feel, and everyone should know the truth about who their politicians are working for in Washington DC,” she added to another user on Twitter. “If anything else offends you…too bad!!”

However, after receiving an overwhelming amount of backlash on social media, Midler was forced to apologize for her message.

“I am sorry if I offended you with my tweet. I never meant to hurt anyone, and I hope that we can both get along as civil people who disagree about politics in America today,” she wrote. “Best, Bette Midler.”

Midler still has all of her social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook but had to remove the controversial tweet in order to stop receiving backlash from people who were offended by it.

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