A large family with thirty-eight children in West Virginia has decided to quarantine together in the same house after twelve members of the family are stricken with COVID-19. Quarantine is hard enough with a normal-sized family – let alone one with more than three dozen members. Nevertheless, Jeane and Paul Briggs have decided to all stay in the same West Virginia home during the pandemic because they’re a unit and refuse to separate – even though some members of the family are struggling to survive COVID-19.

Although the Briggs have thirty-eight children, only twenty-one of them still live at home. Nevertheless, the large size of the family means that they have to share everything and do whatever is possible to make things work. The Briggs are in their sixties, which puts them at high risk of death from the coronavirus. They’ve been married for four decades and share thirty-eight children together – thirty-two of whom are adopted.

When Jeane was diagnosed with COVID-19, she finally knew why she was struggling with waves of vomiting and nausea. After she came down with the virus, Paul and the rest of the children living the home decided it was time to get tested to make sure they were being as safe and prepared as possible. Thankfully, companies like CVS are working with the government to make testing more available to everyone with rapid-result COVID-19 testing in Michigan, Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

With twenty-three members of the Briggs family living in the same home under the same roof, the conditions were worse than prison for the virus to get passed from person to person. Not only did the family have to deal with the risk of contracting the virus from the people they loved, but they also had to protect Jeane from getting the virus and falling victim to its deadly grip.

Inside Edition has followed the Briggs family for some time now, so they decided to check on them after the COVID-19 pandemic began throwing America into the worst economic depression seen in a hundred years.

Viewers were shocked to know that this family is dealing with so much stress during these unprecedented times since they have such a large family.

Jeane was so sick with the coronavirus that she was rushed to the hospital where she tested positive for the virus. Although the family has so many people in the household and Jeane likely spread the germs throughout the home, they have not been able to test every member of the family. Nevertheless, twelve children have tested positive for the virus and needed to fight for their lives to survive it.

Viewers of the content shared their thoughts on YouTube. Here were some reactions:

“She sounds like she’s still recovering. Hopefully, everyone remains healthy in their home.”

“Poor lady sounds out of breath while  videoing the family.”

“Thirty-eight people are literally how many people make up my class. Imagine having a whole classroom of kids.”

“My class doesn’t even have that many kids in the class, and we don’t get along.  How?”

“Once most of all these children reach there 20’s these parents will probably sadly be dying soon, but at least we can remember them for this kind gesture to give these kids a home.”

“I feel like people think she is a Karen buying four bags of toilet paper, but that wouldn’t last for one week in her household.”

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