Few celebrity couples are as engaging on social media as Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos. Besides being very public with their displays of affection, the pair love sharing images of their time together as well as moments with their children and larger family. However, Kelly Ripa got pulses soaring the other day when she shared a photo of herself bent over in front of husband Consuelos along with the caption that stated, “When the end is in sight…”

In the viral image, Ripa wore a black one-piece swimsuit. Consuelos, who was shirtless in swim trunks, gazes at Ripa’s derriere with a goofy grin across his face. The image was made even better because of the sun behind Consuelos. In the image, the sun shines like gold in the sky as it crosses behind a set of thick clouds. It looks like Consuelos is having a religious experience as he stares at his wife’s backside and contemplates the meaning of it all.

Consuelos is famous for his time in Riverdale, and at age fifty, he was more than happy to show off his pristine figure and his washboard abs. Meanwhile, Ripa, who appears slim in the bathing suit, shines the camera her best grin as her husband checks her out from behind.

The photo was taken a few feet from a luxury pool in the backyard of an amazing home that the couple was visiting.

Kelly Ripa, who stars along with Ryan Seacrest in Live With Kelly And Ryan, left many of her fans laughing their faces off with the humorous image of herself and her husband.

“More of this from both of you, please…” wrote one adoring fan of the celebrity couple.

Meanwhile, Ripa and Consuelos celebrated twenty-five years of marriage back in May. Their relationship has become very popular on social media and has even inspired people spiritually.

“God bless kelly & mark… I whisper this at the end of my nightly prayers,” wrote one admirer.

The celebrity couple shares three children together. They are Michael, 24, and Joaquin, 18, and daughter Lola, 20. Many fans were eager to get Lola’s opinion on the hilarious photo by the pool.

Some people knew the Ripa-Consuelos family well enough to eagerly await comment from the pair’s daughter, Lola. These commenters wrote, “Waiting to hear what Lola says…” and “I’m here waiting for Lola’s comment.”

Another fan summed it up the following way, “Lola is going to hate this one… you two are an amazing couple!!!”

Daily Mail, which ran a report about Ripa’s photo with her husband, received mixed comments from people across the world.

“I’m old school. So that first photo – no, keep that between husband and wife. No child would want to see that photo of their parents.”

“I have second-hand embarrassment for her.”

One New Yorker suggested Ripa is trying hard to keep her husband, “Kelly is now getting to the age where an extremely good lookin’ husband like Mark will dump the ‘old model’ and go for a younger, newer wifey. Her desperation is showing, and it’s not pretty. She knows the younger ladies are just waiting to pounce on her hubby!”

One critic said, “Ridiculous narcissistic woman. She really will do anything for attention. Everything in her phony life is staged.”