A great thing happened at the Hobby Lobby craft store in Arkansas. Because a stranger noticed that another woman was wearing a specific shirt, they started talking and quickly began a conversation that would go on to result in a viral moment. What happened was that the Hobby Lobby shopper noticed that the other woman, who was pregnant, was wearing a shirt that utterly astounded her – and that’s why they both posed for a photo.

Pregnancy for Autumn Tolliver Safley had not been easy. At 30 weeks, she was feeling ready for her baby to arrive, but she still had some time left for the unborn child to gestate. Because the pregnant mom was a lover of kickboxing, she wore a black T-shirt that had a colorful graphic that covered her baby bump. And it was so intriguing that it left a fellow Hobby Lobby shopper in tears.

Safley found the shirt at the bottom of her closet and decided that the day had finally arrived when she was going to wear it.

It was Courtney Mixon who had a fit seeing Safley in the black maternity T-shirt. Because Safley quickly understood that Mixon understood the complete meaning of the rainbow-colored shirt, the pair hit it off and decided that they had to pose for a photo together.

“We made eye contact,” Safley said. “And she had these big ole tears in her eyes, and I walked over to her.”

Mixon was desperate for a photo, so she mustered up the courage and asked Safley to pose for one with her. She shirt said, “You’re looking at a rainbow.”

Mixon said, “I know what your shirt means.”

Safley has since become a hero among women and was interviewed by the Huffington Post.

“She said that she loved my shirt and that she knew exactly what it meant,” Safley told The Huffington Post. “I walked over to her and asked if I could hug her, and she proceeded to tell me that she and her husband lost their baby to miscarriage last year and had been trying to conceive since.”

Safley added, “I told her as we hugged that I would be praying for her and that everything would be alright.”

Now the two consider each other friends.

“It was awesome like we weren’t in the middle of the store,” Mixon said. “And it was pure like we knew what each other had gone through. It was such a blessing like God telling me, ‘Look, do you hear me now?’”

The shirt was a way for the two women to bond over their miscarriage experiences. That’s what the shirt was about.

“I just want to show Autumn she was so strong and that she wasn’t alone,” Mixon said. “I’m still in awe!”

The viral picture was posted on Facebook by Mixon On September 10, 2016. It skyrocketed Safley into the limelight as an advocate for women who have suffered miscarriages.

Miscarriages are often an untold story. Women, and sometimes their husbands, suffer the loss in silence. They’re something that society, as a rule, does not speak about although many women experience them throughout their lives.

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