A TikTok user started a video trend with a prompt that got a lot of people thinking. “If you discovered that your 2-year-old child was not actually yours because of a mix-up at the hospital…” the original video creator said, which inspired other people to use this prompt to create videos of their own. Mom Becky Martin, a dedicated TikTok user, was one of the people to respond to the scenario with her personal story – and the details of her account are absolutely horrifying.

Becky’s video has been viewed millions of times and has accumulated thousands of comments from people across the globe. Viewers are stunned by her story about how she almost suffered a “switched at birth” incident with her newborn babies. This didn’t happen to Becky once, but two horrifying times that made her doubt the safety of the hospital and the people who were caring for her and her newborn baby.

“So I actually have had my babies switched by the hospital. Not once, but twice. Now, it didn’t get to the point of them being two years old. It was immediately noticed and corrected, but still….”

Becky could not believe that she almost lost contact with her little ones. The first time left her with a deep sense of dread because the hospital simply mixed up whose baby was whose.

“With my first, they wheeled in a baby boy, and they were like, ‘We fed your baby for you,’ and I was like, ‘I’m breastfeeding?!’ And they were like, ‘Oh, sorry, wrong baby!’” she said.

Becky also had a similar problem with her second child.

“With my second, they wheeled in a baby girl, and they were like, ‘Here’s your daughter.’ And we said, ‘She’s already in the room with us!’” she continues.

However, when Becky was giving birth to her third baby, she learned her lesson not to trust the hospital and its workers.

“So with our third, we did not let that baby leave. And, of course, they fought us on it. The charge nurse came in and said, ‘We have to take that baby out to do testing.’ And I said, ‘Well, you can either do it in my room, or I’ll accompany you to the lab, or we’ll do it at his first doctor’s appointment,’” Becky said.

The mother’s resistance was not welcomed by the nurse, so she reported it to the doctor.

“So she tattled to the OBGYN, who came in and made fun of me and said, ‘That’s right, Becky, we’re all trying to steal your baby.’ And I was like, ‘Hey! Once is an accident. Twice is a pattern!’ So if you ever wonder what pushes a woman to become an advocate of home birth, that’s one of the many reasons,” the mother concluded.

TikTok users were stunned by Becky’s story and shared their reactions in the comments.

“Are you kidding? Twice?? Imagine all the parents out there who have the WRONG child and don’t even know it,” one user wrote.

“I find it crazy that they remove the baby from your room in the USA. In the UK, the baby literally doesn’t leave your side unless they are in the NICU,” wrote one user.

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