Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is happily married. However, Twitter recently uncovered a former flame whom Harris dated for a while back in 2001. The former lover of the politician was Montel Williams, the former talk show host. Someone tweeted about Williams’s with Harris, writing a quick comment and sharing two images of Harris, including one that featured him, Harris, and his daughter, Ashley.

“The fact that Kamala Dated Montel and it seems like no one remembers lol,” the tweet read.

Although Harris and Williams dated for a short time in 2001, there is photographic evidence to prove that they were together. Photos from the past featured Harris and Williams at the Eighth Annual Race to Erase Multiple Sclerosis that May 2001.

Williams spoke about his fling with Harris before this incident. Back in 2019, while Harris was running for the Democratic nomination for President, he talked about their brief relationship. However, he also added a question asking whether anyone would care or not who Harris dated in the past if she was a man and not a woman in American politics.

He wrote his tweet back on August 7, 2019, writing: “Kamala Harris and I briefly dated about 20 years ago when we were both single. So what? I have great respect for Sen. Harris. I have to wonder if the same stories about her dating history would have been written if she were a male candidate?”

Now, Williams has followed up his tweet with another one. This time, he wrote online on November 13, 2020, writing: “It’s not new, and it’s not news. I’m focused on something that actually matters – bringing a 29-year-old Marine, @freetrevorreed home. If you want to help, follow @freetrevorreed,” he wrote.

Harris has addressed the dating issue in writing. She published a book, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, where she discusses dating as a single-woman coming up in American politics.

“As a single, professional woman in my forties, and very much in the public eye, dating wasn’t easy,” she said. “I knew that if I brought a man with me to an event, people would immediately start to speculate about our relationship.”

“I also knew that single women in politics are viewed differently than single men. We don’t get the same latitude when it comes to our social lives,” she continued. “I had no interest in inviting that kind of scrutiny unless I was close to sure I’d found ‘the One’ — which meant that for years, I kept my personal life compartmentalized from my career.”

Harris is now married to the love of her life, Doug Emhoff. A friend matched the pair up and begged Harris not to Google him prior to their first meeting.

“Don’t overthink it. Just meet him. I already gave him your number. He’s going to reach out,” she recalled the friend advising her.

Harris and Emhoff had a wonderful first date. They decided to give it a try for six months and see what happened. They have never looked back. Harris and Emhoff married in 2014. He has been by his wife’s side throughout her meteoric rise to the top in American politics.

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