One man learned the hard way that he would be sleeping on the couch for some time. He thought he was a kind and generous husband when he purchased his wife a pretty dress. However, he failed to realize how furious his wife would become once she learned that he bought her the same dress that he had seen his sexy intern wear while on the job.

The husband thought that the dress had looked so good on his intern that it would look even better on his wife. He tracked down the pretty little dress at the retailer his intern bought it at and then spent cash on the dress so he could take it home to his wife. However, he did not get the reaction he was looking for when he told his wife that he only purchased the dress because it had looked so good on his young intern.

The man later posted his story to the Am I The A**hole community on Reddit, where his story went viral. Here’s what he wrote:

“I work in HR in a corporate office for a company I won’t mention. I have an intern working under me who has been here for the past seven months and will be full-time once she graduates,” he explained.

For months, the man has been admiring the way his young intern looks while on the job. He decided to find out where she shops for dresses and buy his wife one.

“The dress code at my office is business casual, and I have an intern who always dresses very nice,” he shared with Reddit. “She’s usually in a dress or skirt of some kind and does nice makeup.”

The man said, “I recently approached her last week because she was wearing a very pretty yellow dress, and I wanted to see my wife wear it.”

He mustered up his courage and asked the intern to tell him where she had purchased the pretty little dress.

“I asked the intern where the dress was from with the idea of purchasing it for my wife,” he shared. The man thought the intern looked so good in the dress. He felt that the yellow dress would also look very good on his wife because of her skin tone.

“Intern told me she didn’t remember where it was from but would text me to let me know once she found out,” he explained. “Later that night, I got a text from her with a link to the dress. I thanked her and ordered it as a surprise for my wife.”

The next day his wife showed up at the HR office unannounced and got a good look at his young intern.

“Wife came into work a day later to drop off my lunch while I was talking to the intern,” he wrote. “Intern was wearing the dress. Yesterday the dress came in the mail, and I presented it to my wife, and she flipped.”

His wife thought he wanted her to look like his intern.

“She accused me of trying to make her look like my intern,” he recalled, “and that I only got the dress because I secretly liked the intern.”

Do you think this husband deserves a week on the couch?