Who has time to hit the gym every day or nearly every day in order to get the six-pack abs they want for summer? Unfortunately, few people have the time available in their busy lives to go to the gym that many times or to find the right diet to keep their body fat content at a low rate. However, one man believes he has come up with the perfect shortcut to achieve the six-pack ab look he wants without having to spend countless hours hitting the gym and doing workout after workout to get the body he desires.

One man believes he has come up with a creative solution to get a bodybuilder’s look without having to spend the time in the gym that bodybuilders do. What was his solution? He tasked a tattoo artist with the challenge of making it appear like he had a pack of six-pack abs on his stomach with nothing but a tattoo gun and some permanent ink.

The tattoo artist behind the British man’s six-pack abs was Dean Gunther. Gunther is a tattoo artist working from a studio in Manchester, United Kingdom. He was given the challenge of making an average man look like a bodybuilder by inking six-pack tattoos onto his front body so he would not need to spend so much time in the gym to get the look he wanted. While this shortcut might not work for everyone, the British man who hired Gunther to do the large belly tattoo is extremely happy with the work that was done.

A social media post presenting the finished tattoo art proclaimed that the customer was able to achieve a “summer body in two days” because that’s how long it took for Gunther to finish the large tattoo.

Gunther began the tattoo process by very carefully stenciling on burly muscles and intricate lines to make it appear that he had worked his butt off to achieve the six-pack abs of his dreams. In reality, the man just sat down on a tattoo parlor chair for two days while Gunther did all the hard work, making it look like this man had achieved a bodybuilder’s physique.

Dean said: “He always wanted to have a six-pack, but he’s not too keen on going to the gym or doing a diet. So, he decided that by getting a six-pack tattoo, he would always look summer ready while still being able to enjoy beer and good food.”

The Manchester tattoo artist added, “I was excited to do this tattoo because I’ve seen someone do it before, but it didn’t look realistic, and it was basic black outlines. So, I decided to take on this challenge and do it completely differently. It’s been one of my most unusual requests, but I am all for it.”

The customer is very happy with the results of his tattoo. He looks like he has earned his way to six-pack abs, while in reality, he just had to let Gunther, the tattoo artist, do all the work instead of hitting the gym and dieting like crazy.