As America reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, McDonald’s has made a change to its menu that has shocked Americans. The fast-food restaurant has abandoned its all-day breakfast options and salads during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus because the restaurant is struggling to keep its doors open after the federal government failed to respond to the virus in a timely manner.

Customers are stunned that McDonald’s is reeling from the outbreak. While independent restaurants in local communities have resorted to giving away toilet paper or sending strippers as delivery drivers to attract new customers during this difficult time, McDonald’s is simply shutting down many of its functions that are loved by people all over.

Because McDonald’s needs to reassess its business during the COVID-19 pandemic, the McDonald’s Corp said it was rethinking its menu and simplifying operations temporarily while American deals with the virus outbreak. By cutting out some menu items, McDonald’s can simplify things for themselves while still making a lot of money off hungry customers.

An internal document was leaked from McDonald’s corporation that revealed its plot to reduce food options amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Supply has not been an issue for any of our food and paper products currently,” the leaked document states. ‘This simplified menu is to make it easier in the restaurants during these challenging times.”

When American needs McDonald’s most, the company is cutting down on what it will provide its customers to save a few bucks during the pandemic. Even President Trump is outraged with this move because McDonald’s remains his favorite restaurant.

“To simplify operations in our kitchens and for our crew … we are working with our franchisees and local restaurants to focus on serving our most popular choices and will begin temporarily removing some items from the menu over the next few weeks,” said Bill Garrett, senior vice president of operations for McDonald’s USA in a statement.

Garrett added, “We will regularly evaluate the situation and look to move back to our regular menu as soon as possible. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers through take-out, Mobile Order & Pay, Drive-Thru or, McDelivery at the majority of our restaurants.”

McDonald’s has a history of cutting down on its offerings to make more money. They quit selling a popular craft burger option because it was taking too long during the drive-thru process. Now the company wants to profit off sick Americans by ferrying as many through the drive-thru as possible.

In an effort to spread the virus in the United Kingdom and Ireland, McDonald’s has shut down many locations. It is not the only fast-food company to do such a thing. KFC locations were also shuttered as the corporations struggle to ride out the storm of the global pandemic.

Business Insider reported that “the (McDonald’s) items that will continue to be served include the bestselling menu items available at the chain. Customer favorites such as McMuffins, McChicken Biscuits, and McGriddles will be available in the morning; Big Macs, hamburgers, quarter pounders, fries, and Filet-O-Fit are among the menu items available the rest of the day.”

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