When former first lady Michelle Obama decided it was time to take a night on the town, she went to a Christina Aguilera concert and sat near the front. The former president’s wife got a VIP seat at the concert and was entertained directly when a shirtless man came up to her and started twerking. Although Michelle Obama was not with her husband – she was attending the singer’s The Xperience concert at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater with a group of female friends – she did seem to get a kick out of the male dancer who was wearing nothing but black shorts and gold chaps.

The special attention was not something that Obama seemed to turn away from. And her friends with her applauded her for going with the flow and having a good time and some harmless fun. Obama also cheered the dancer on, clapping and smiling as the man did his dance in front of her for all to see.

Although Michelle Obama is fifty-six-years old, she looks good for her age and has a lot of youthful energy. This was probably part of the reason the dancer was drawn to her and decided to give her some special attention while at the Christina Aguilera concert.

Michelle Obama was not allowed to enjoy the moment entirely by herself. A female security guard remained close to her as the dancer did his thing. However, Obama clapped along and seemed to be in good spirits despite the special attention at the concert.

Some people have speculated that Obama even gestured toward the dancer, drawing him closer to her for a special dance. However, this claim is unverified. The man wore dark hair that was shaved on the sides. He held onto the wall as he twerked for the former first lady, taking his time with the risqué dance move.

Besides doing his twerk dance for the former president’s wife, the male dancer then climbed onto a wall and continued to exhibit his skills. Other male dancers realized what was going on and came over to join him in fun as well. They were wearing the same uniform of black shorts and gold chaps.

When the dancing was done, and the special attention had evaporated, Michelle Obama seemed to succumb to a fit of giggles. She could not believe what had just happened to her because most people treat her with a lot more dignity than that. But it was all in good fun, and she enjoyed the innocuous moment, and her friends had a blast being part of the good fun as well.

As the male dancer walked away from her, Obama raised her arms. Her friends did, as well. The people who were in the row behind her had stood up to get a better look as the dancer showered the former first lady in love and special attention. Everyone just seemed to be having a wonderful time at The Xperience concert by Christina Aguilera, and the former first lady was no exception.