Mothers of large families are now releasing that they missed the boat when it came to stocking up for the coronavirus pandemic. While single people and parents of small families hit the stores to buy as much meat, frozen foods and toilet paper as their credit limits would allow, some moms of big families trusted the motto “this too shall pass” and decided not to give into crazed panic and buy all the items they could fit into their budget.

While some families have been able to get through weeks of quarantine on all the items they bought while in panic-buying mode, mothers of big families are coming forward to share how they are living in near squalor because they did not succumb to the panic, one mom, Claire Louise Hooker, who has a very large family quickly realized how she had missed the boat and was going to have to go without during this global pandemic since she did not stock up on essentials.

Panic-buying occurred as fears of COVID-19 swept over the globe. While people first felt that the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, would not affect them and their daily lives, those optimistic views were quickly swept away as governments ordered people to remain inside and to practice social distancing.

While other families were preparing for the pandemic, Clare Louise Hooker did not feel that it would affect her, which was why she avoided the shopping centers while other families were stocking up.

She wrote a lengthy post online, blaming other families for taking away goods from her large family.

“We have found the hoarding deeply disturbing and upsetting, and we fear it’s only going to get worse. We refused to play any part in panic buying or clearing the shelves of everyday items that communities needed. We didn’t ‘stock up’; we didn’t buy more than we needed. We shopped our normal fortnightly/weekly shop, and for many of us, our budgets certainly didn’t allow for $1000 worth of stockpiling either. Now we are having regrets.”

Because she wanted to have a large family, she feels entitled to getting more goods than other people. Although she didn’t take the pandemic seriously, she now has regrets about how she is ill-prepared and is asking others to help her.

“But here we are – now facing the real possibility of empty trolleys and pantries. Large families have been stripped of our ability to buy food in the quantities that we…. wait for it, actually NEED, not want. One packet of pasta is not enough, or the milk, flour, or eggs or anything else you’re limiting (and we absolutely understand why, we do, we find it infuriating as well). We’re now forced to go from shop to shop just to find the essentials, often not finding what we need, and if this continues, it could potentially be a big problem.”

Clare, along with other moms of big families finished their post with: “We are not asking for special treatment, just fair treatment, an opportunity to buy ‘what we need for our children.’ We are all in this together. Surely we can find a compromise? Please help us with this.”

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