If children had close relationships with their grandparents, they are sorely missing them during the pandemic. Because older adults are at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19, they have been forced to remain in self-isolation away from their families. That’s why one girl from Riverside came up with an ingenious way for her to get to see her grandparents and even give them a hug – while maintaining everyone’s safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The ten-year-old girl created a way to hug her beloved grandparents. She used a shower curtain, plastic Ziploc bags, disposable places as well as a hot glue gun to hold it all together – and she was able to hug her beloved grandparents at their home.

The images of the hug were shared online via the Lindsay Lindsay Facebook account. Clearly, the ten-year-old girl was really desperate to see her grandparents and to share a hug with them. She missed them so much that she invented a hug curtain so it could be possible.

The little girl who came up with this invention was Paige Okray. She missed her grandparents so much because of the physical distancing orders that were willing to come up with an invention to get as close to them as possible.

Because the girl was so inventive with her solution, her mother, Lindsay, captured images of the hug curtain and uploaded them to Facebook, where they have since gone viral several thousand times over.

Lindsay Okray said: “She came up with the idea, she laid it out in the family room and spent multiple hours working on it.”

Lindsay works as a nurse in the COVID-19 unit at the Riverside Community Hospital. Because she is close to people infected with the disease, she cannot go near little Paige’s grandparents. That’s why every precaution needed to be taken so the grandparents would not be harmed from the virus.

Posting the video on Facebook, the mom wrote: “Paige saw a video of someone who made this type of ‘blanket’ to hug their family. She put together a list, and she designed it so she could hug nana and papa.. this girl is so freaking amazing, and we were so happy to be able to hug them!!”

Although Paige was innovative with her hug curtain, this is not the first time desperate people have come up with solutions to get close to their loved ones during the pandemic.

Another pair of Southern California grandparents, Daria and Bobby Lucarelli, created their own bodysuits so they could get close to their loved ones and slow the spread of the virus. They decided to cover every inch of their bodies with plastic and use snorkels so they could see their loved ones.

“So, I went and picked up clear trash bags and cut them up and made pants and made a top,” Daria said. “I thought, well, I can’t put a hole in this, or they will not let me breathe anything around them, so I put the snorkel in and kept it up in the air.”

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