Ryan Bray doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. To the contrary, he tries as much as he can to be kind to people, especially those he sees as being in need of assistance. While on his way home in Bradenton from a hard day’s work on Sunday, he ran across a panhandler begging for change on the street. Bray comes across these beggars numerous times each week because they’re so prevalent in his area.

However, Bray didn’t want to just toss loose change at this beggar and hope for the best. He saw something in the man’s eyes and decided he’d offered him a chance to start something better. Bray wanted to give the bum a permanent way to get his life together and get off the streets for good. That’s why he offered him $15 per hour to help him run his family business.

The man scoffed at Bray’s offer. “Absolutely not!” the beggar cried. Why would he work for money when people were throwing loose change at him. Besides, the bum earned a lot more cash per hour than what Bray was willing to offer him.

Bray considered increasing his cash offer, but then the man became aggressive. It was as if Bray’s job-offer sparked rage in the panhandler, stoking the flames of his laziness, threatening to take his “good life” away from him. He didn’t want to work for money. He wanted money given to him for nothing.

Bray, who usually minds his own business, took this man’s outburst personally. That’s why he went straight home, wrote up his own sign, and brought it to the same street corner to oust the panhandler for his laziness and inertia.

Bray, who usually doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, felt the urge to make this beggar suffer. That’s why he stood on the street with his sign that urged motorists NOT to give money to the beggars.

Meanwhile, the homeless man, who spoke to reporters in Florida but did not want to be identified, said that Bray lied and never offered him a job. He just wants a little help and hopes to use the spare change he earns from the street to build a better life for himself one nickel at a tie.

Nevertheless, Bray is sticking to his story and has time to stand there with his sign exposing the beggar as a bum.

“I offered him $15.00 an hour to do yardwork for me, and he refused. If we as a community stop paying them, they will leave our neighborhood!”

Bray decided to turn the beggar’s insult into a motion to get people to stop supporting the people on the streets.

“He reached his arms inside my vehicle, resting them and said, ‘Hey do you have any money?’ I said, ‘No, I have one better for you,'” Bray told Fox 35.

Bray fears that, if left unchecked, Florida panhandlers will “rape your mother and kill your wife.” That’s why he decided to take the sign out and share his experience with this beggar with his fellow community members.

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