Only a few weeks ago, Song Ji-A, a Korean influencer known by her online name Freezia, was one of the biggest stars in the Asian country. Because she appeared on Netflix’s South Korean dating show as one of the attractive young women, she skyrocketed to fame within the country. Millions of people tune into the Korean dating show Single’s Inferno, so people were falling head over heels in love with Freezia because of her outspoken persona, her designer wardrobe, and her apparently lavish lifestyle.

However, Freezia is no longer popular in Korea because it was revealed that she faked her lavish lifestyle in order to impress people and earn fans on social media. People discovered that Freezia was not living up to the truth of her claims because they learned that the “luxury” items she flaunted on her social media pages were all knock-offs and fake.

Fans were horrified to learn that Freezia wore counterfeit clothes during her appearance on Single’s Inferno. But she took her deceit even further by promoting knock-off products in sponsored Instagram and YouTube fashion haul videos that were very popular among her viewers.

For example, Freezia did a sponsored ad for Dior’s Miss Dior perfume. During her advertisement, she flaunted a fake Dior handbag to go along with her use of the perfume.

Social media influencers are known for exaggerating their claims and making themselves appear larger than life. However, Freezia’s fans were particularly hurt by her lies because her entire image is built around how she has access to wealth and privilege. Now that her fans know that it was all a lie, they are no longer interested in watching her content and engaging with her posts on the social media channels of her choosing.

“At this rate, she needs to just delete her Instagram account,” wrote one Korean fan. “Why did she lie about being a golden spoon celeb… all that arrogant sass about beating anyone on Single’s Inferno. With what? With your luxury brands?”

More furious fans shared their ire at Freezia.

“These influencers get paid thousands for these brand ads. She basically committed fraud by showcasing a fake Dior bag on a Dior ad,” one person wrote.

Another added, “It’s a problem that she lied to raise her views and earn financial gain from said lies. That’s a scam, isn’t it? It’d make no sense for viewers to stay calm when they were played by her lies.”

“It’s embarrassing because why not be honest? It seems like she is embarrassed about her upbringing. She could’ve made videos about affordable good dupes, but she didn’t, which says something about her too,” another former fan lamented.

Freezia is also facing criticism for her perceived pro-Chinese sentiment. She appeared in a video on a Chinese channel referring to South Korea’s national dish kimchi as “pao cai,” which is a Chinese term for pickled vegetables.

“Kimchi is pao cai? Are you kidding me? Just go to China already,” raged one Korean fan.