Supermodel Cara Delevingne might be on a downward spiral after a recent photo of the superstar emerged in early September 2022. The star, who was spotted traveling around Los Angeles alone in the middle of the week, was caught sucking on a strange pipe and visiting a sex shop. In addition to her pipe usage, the supermodel was also spotted sipping on an unidentified liquid from a pipette while sitting around in her parked car, apparently “zoning out” after consuming the suspected drugs.

In a scathing report from Daily Mail’s chief showbusiness writer Alison Boschoff, the reporter stated: “Pulling on a pipe while sitting in her car, she looks ashen, with sunken cheeks and dark rings circling her eyes. That glow which propelled her to a huge fortune and global fame has faded.”

The supermodel recently made tabloid headlines for her thirtieth birthday celebration. She spent her birthday with friends Sienna Miller and Margot Robbie on a yacht in a “hedonistic whirl” that was the envy of thousands of people on social media. However, the recent photos of Cara Delevingne depict a lifestyle of drugs and rock n’ roll that could turn into a disaster if she is not careful with what she puts into her body.

A friend who saw Cara Delevingne in Ibiza told Daily Mail: “She was more messy out there than she had been in a while but says she is OK, fine about turning 30 and having a great time. She will think that the pictures are funny — she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she is living her life and says she is absolutely fine.”

Cara’s mother, Pandora, suffered from addiction while Cara was a young girl. This fact has some people speculating that Cara could be heading for her own sort of downfall if she is using drugs and other substances to change her mood. Pandora was the daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, a publishing mogul. Cara’s grandmother was none other than Jane Sheffield, who is Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting.

Pandora said recently: “You’re an addictive person or you’re not. I am. I’m paranoid the girls might drink too much or take too many drugs — understandably, I think. I do talk to them about it. They say, ‘I’m OK, Mum’ or, ‘I’m this or I’m that, but they’re not addicts.”

Nevertheless, Pandora’s history of drug abuse had a destabilizing effect on Cara.

Pandora said: “I was a nurturing child and wanted to make sure everyone was OK. It didn’t feel wrong. But looking back, I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have been put in that position.’”

Cara Delevingne had also spoken about how she had a mental breakdown when she was just fifteen years old. She explained the ordeal, saying: “Everything I hadn’t dealt with bubbled up to the surface. I had no coping skills. Instead of being able to breathe or take a moment, I tried to smash my head into a tree to knock myself out.”

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