The coronavirus pandemic has put a burden on American businesses. Because the toll is much larger than politicians feared it was going to be – the economy has not been this bad since the Great Depression – some of our favorite businesses and restaurants will not be able to survive. Because it takes resiliency to survive in the American economy, restaurants need to be able to adapt to the pandemic conditions lest they have to shut their doors forever and never be able to provide Americans with menu items they once loved.

Fast-food chains are facing a big problem. While national providers like Burger King and Taco Bell are doing very well during the pandemic, regional fast-food restaurants are struggling to keep up and keep their doors open. Not only has the COVID-19 economic disaster changed the economic landscape forever, but the following seven fast-food chains may also go extinct.

Roy Rogers is a popular place to eat in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. But the chain is struggling to survive and keep its 600 locations open. The business has been struggling for a long time now. And this means the pandemic just puts the nail in their coffin.

Steak ‘n Shake may also have to shut down for good. The pandemic has forced this wobbly business to reconsider whether it can stand up to the pressures of the American economy. Because of the pandemic, it will close 57 locations.

Taco Cabana has already shut down nineteen underperforming locations due to financial troubles before the pandemic hit. Now they’re doing worse. With a fleet of just 164 stores, it will need to do really well during the pandemic if it hopes to be able to provide its “original” Mexican cuisine to diners in the future.

Fuddruckers is a favorite among people in Texas. But the chain could not stand up to the pressures of the pandemic and closed its 40 locations. Last year, the chain lost seventeen locations. This year they might never reopen.

Luby’s Cafeteria’s parent company has furloughed half of its corporate employees during the pandemic. And more than two dozen locations of this restaurant have closed, leaving just a three dozen in existence. The future does not bode well for this company unless they get innovative and come up with a creative solution to the economic collapse.

Potbelly may not be around after COVID-19 unless they make some drastic changes. As things stand, the sandwich joint is considering shutting down 100 locations because sales suffered during the economic collapse. They also shut down many locations temporarily because of the health crisis.

Whataburger has brought joy to people across Texas for years. Now the San Antonio-based restaurant chain may go the way of the dinosaurs. While they’re trying to get customers to buy curbside and drive-thru orders, customers are not loyal to Whataburger during its time of need. And as a result, sales are down, and the business’s future is in jeopardy.

Will you miss any of these fast-food chains that are suffering during the pandemic of 2020?

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