If you’re looking for a free couch, there is a strip club that is desperate to give their old ones away. But, the strip club, which is located in Toledo, Ohio, has done very, very good business over the last few years. That’s why, while they’re looking to offload their old couches to anyone willing to sit on a free couch, they cannot give them away in good conscience unless they warn people that these couches could be littered with disgusting stains.

Although the strip club is letting you take all the free couches you want, they’re letting people know that they cannot be responsible for the fluid that has stained their old couches. The strip club, Scarlett’s Cabaret, has a three-and-a-half-star rating online. They are remodeling and are eager to give away the stained, dirty couches that have gotten them bad reviews in the past.

Customers are being pushed to get these free couches while they last. The strip club also had a fire last month, which is also partially responsible for their remodel. It could not have come at a worse time. With the COVID-19 pandemic destroying the American economy right now, and the American people offered just a little check “to make things better,” the strip club is struggling to survive. People are not even allowed to enter their establishment anymore, because Ohio is doing quite bad during the pandemic.

The strip club makes it clear that people should be hauling away the free couches only if they don’t mind rubbing up against another person’s fluids.

“CURB ALERT: Scarlett’s Cabaret- Telegraph & Alexis. Former couch dance furniture put out to pasture. ***WARNING*** May have stained unknown bodily fluids. Use at your own risk!”

Reviews from the cabaret are mixed. Some people call it a “fun place” with plenty of “pretty girls.” Others say that the place was plagued with a “suspicious credit card decline thing.”

One three-star rating on Yelp read: “This was a decent club, not as good as the others I saw in Toledo. It was a little small compared to the others, but I still enjoyed myself at the club. It reminded me of the Torch in South Bend, Indiana. The layout of the club looked similar. I thought it was decently priced.”

One critic who gave the place one star wrote: “2nd to the worse titty bar I have seen in the country. The women were 180lbs + and at least 40 years old. Sags and rolls in all the wrong places. The beer was cheap, and there was no cover. But seriously, save your money and go somewhere else. I was here on a Saturday at 7 pm, so maybe I seen the bottom of the barrel, but even still, there is no excuse for putting those people on stage.”

One happy customer wrote, “I got dragged in by a co-worker, and to my surprise, it was a totally different place. I must have come at a bad time last time, but this time the girls were cute, friendly, and plentiful. This is as good as it gets in sh*t hole Toledo.”

What do you think about the free couches from this strip club?

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