During a Spirit Airlines flight, a young woman was repeatedly touched by the man behind her. Although she complained about the grabby man, the flight attendants on the budget airline flight told her to “sit down and stay quiet.” Now, the 18-year-old victim has turned to social media since Spirit Airlines and its employees allegedly ignored her complaints about the man behind her who was groping her and touching her during the flight.

The victim was taking a flight early in the morning with her family on their way to California. The man behind her didn’t seem to mind that she was with her family because he continued to touch her arms and her breasts throughout the flight despite her complaints to the people in charge.

Now, the victim has taken to TikTok to expose Spirit Airlines for the horrible incident that occurred on their plane. The video that she shared with TikTok showed the man behind her reaching his hand through the crack in the seat to touch her.

“The man was like 50-60s, and I was so uncomfy @spiritairlines #fyp#foryou #harassmentawareness.”

The footage shows the teenager sitting near the window when the man’s hand appears from behind her. He then tries to grab her while she is seated against the window. The victim moved away from the man’s hand, and the video then shows him grasping at the air as he tries to touch his victim.

Although she showed the footage to other passengers and flight attendants, Spirit Airlines did nothing to stop the abuser from reaching through the seats to touch her. A voice-over on the video tells viewers, “On my flight to California, the man behind kept touching my arms and boobs. And when I confronted him and showed the video to everyone around me and the flight attendants, I was told to sit down and stay quiet. F you Spirit Airlines.”

The teenager shared more information in follow-up videos. She was separated from her family on the flight, which boarded at 6 am in the morning. Right before takeoff, the teen was reading a book when she suddenly felt something “caressing” the side of her breast. She was shocked to find the man reaching through the seat to touch her young body.

“I wonder what this feeling could be, it was really subtle, and I reached my hand over and touched his fingertips.”

After the initial touch, the victim contacted her sister, who was also on the plane, to let her know that she was being groped by a stranger in the seat behind her.

“I realized that the man behind me is touching me, so I move my arm out of the way. I thought it would stop there because he knows that I know that he was touching me because our fingertips literally touched.”

When she moved back to her original position, the man tried to touch her again, “trying to reach my boob.”

The victim recorded the man on video because she didn’t want the “disgusting” crook to “get away” with what he did to her.

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The man was like 50-60s and I was so uncomfy @spiritairlines  ##fyp ##foryou ##harassmentawareness 😐

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