As media personalities struggle to keep up with the demands of their programs, they have to do a lot more work than usual from the comfort of their home. Savannah Guthrie, the popular co-host of the Today Show, has been very outspoken about the challenges of working from home while watching children and trying to be a good mom. With so much to do while working from home, Guthrie missed one important facet of her wardrobe and did not get to fix it before the camera started rolling.

In a follow-up tell-all social media post, Guthrie revealed that she had to endure an itchy wardrobe malfunction on a recent broadcast. What was her wardrobe malfunction? She wore her red and black patterned blouse backward!

Joking about the fashion faux pas on an Instagram post, the dedicated media personality shared a picture of the tag of her blouse, which is scratching up against her under her chin. Because Guthrie wakes up before dawn to prepare for her high-visibility job, she has a lot to balance now that she has to do it all from home. And she simply did not notice that her shirt was backward.

How did she miss this? Her 3:330 am morning wakeup call probably has a lot to do with it.

In the Instagram post, the host wrote: “Put my dress on my backward and didn’t notice till too late to change, so now I’m like (choking sounds).”

Other news correspondents and television hosts and personalities have also shared their challenges during the pandemic. BBC reporter Liz Beacon revealed that she used electrical tape and heavy-duty clips to keep her dress closed while on the air. She had to solve the problem with items at her disposal because the dress split just moments before the cameras were scheduled to start rolling.

“Talk about being strapped in for the ride… the zip on my brand new dress exploded with 15 minutes to go until we were on air,” she joked and posted pictures of the quick fix on Twitter. “Gaffer and clips at the ready! Not glamorous. Or fun.”

Nine journalist Fiona Willan committed a similar faux pas last year in September when she forgot to put one of her arms through the Toni Maticevski gown that she wore to the Midwinter Ball. Oops.

She told 9Honey:

“I quickly checked the photo on The Australian website [and] there it was. Plain as day. A big limp piece of fabric, shamelessly flailing around as I vainly struck a pose. Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen.”

Guthrie has been through a lot over the last few months. But now that the coronavirus is starting to worsen, she may not be able to rejoin her cast as much as planned. Lockdown conditions might be the new norm in a matter of days as cases and deaths continue to rise across the United States, especially in the American South.

What do you think about the Today Show co-host wardrobe malfunction? Would you have noticed if she didn’t say anything?