A Russian fisherman has access to some of the most bizarre creatures ever seen on planet Earth. If you’ve ever seen some crazy underwater creatures online before, they might have come from Roman Fedortsov who operates a deep-sea trawling vessel around Murmansk, Russia. Because he works on a trawling vessel that sends its lines deep into the water, he comes across some of the most interesting-looking and creepy-crawly creatures you’ll ever see in your life.

Not only does Roman come across the creatures, he knows how to photograph them in a way that makes them appear as bizarre as possible. Whether he leans them so their heads are back and their mouths gape open, or he squeezes their dead bodies, so their eyes bulge, Roman has become a master of making the creatures he comes across look as photogenic as possible.

The 39-year-old trawler spends most of his time on the open water. That means there is not always that much to do. Thankfully, his vessel comes across some of the most bizarre creatures in the deep, deep ocean, and because he works for a Russian commercial fishing company, they don’t care much about the fact that these critters could be endangered.

Although the vessel Roman works on is supposed to catch cod, haddock, and mackerel, they sometimes find these bizarre critters stuck in their nets. That’s why Roman decides to give them a chance and show off the way they look by taking weird photos of them to appease his many followers on social media.

Roman attended the Marine University in Murmansk and is an expert when it comes to processing and preparing fish for the commercial market. He spends most of his time in the Norwegian and Barents seas and comes across these bizarre specimens whenever they get stuck in one of the vessel’s nets. Because he loves marine life, Roman created a social media account to share his rare finds and give them some glory on the internet. People love to follow Roman’s social media pages because they’re guaranteed to come across deep-sea specimens that are sure to shock and entertain.

In a previous interview with the Press Association, Roman said: “All kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way. I cannot say they are ‘scary’ or ‘ugly.’ People are very interested in unusual sea creatures. I think the reason for such popularity was the fact that an ordinary sailor can face life with unusual ‘fantastic creatures.’”

Roman understands that he is privileged to get to be so close to such rare deep-sea specimens. That’s one of the reasons he loves sharing images of these creatures on his profiles. However, he admits there are some misconceptions out there when it comes to his fans.

“Readers have the impression that with each trawl we bring abroad unusual fish specimens. In fact, this is far from the case. It is a rarity. On the other hand, even a famous fish can be photographed so that it will seem to be a ‘monster.’ Most of the raised fish do not survive due to the difference in pressure. Commercial fish is processed, non-food bycatch is used for the production of fish meal.”

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