Sarah Wilson, 45, spends her life trying to make the most out of everything. As a health guru, she wants to make it easy for people to transform their life from dull to vibrant. And one way to get started with that is for the person to make their fresh food last longer after picking it up at the grocery store during the weekly shopping trip.

Because leafy greens and other fresh produce seem to wilt rather quickly, which is why Sarah Wilson wants you to try something you’ve never considered in your life. Wilson has built a business around figuring out ways to minimize waste and live the healthiest life possible – both for the individual and the planet at large.

Wilson, who is the founder of I Quit Sugar, admitted that she had found ways around buying butter for the last three years. Instead of shelling out money at the grocery store, the TV personality and health guru “takes home the dregs left behind at cafes (on scraps of paper or cleanish serviettes.”

She carries what she refers to as a keep cup. And when she finds something being wasted, she stuffs it full of items so she can use them for herself and her family. That’s why she is offering six free tips to people all over the world.

Instead of storing salad greens in plastic bags, use a cloth like a pillowcase to maximize their freshness.

“Salad leaves in bags. Let me say it straight: they are a con. The best way to make delicate wet leaves go rank and slimy? Put them in plastic,” she wrote. “My solution? Don’t buy them. Ever. Buy whole lettuce or rocket or spinach. And store them right.”

Leftover nuts need to be frozen. Because the oils in tree nuts “go rancid” much faster than you think, make them last six to twelve months longer by storing these in the freezer.

Sarah always wants to use every last bit of food she has. Instead of tossing jars before they’re empty, she squeezes every bit of nutrition out of them.

“In your almost-finished mustard jar, add 1/4 cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with a pinch of salt and pepper,” Sarah said. “Once you’ve mixed everything, shake the jar, and you’ll get a great salad dressing.”

When it comes to best-before dates, Sarah doesn’t want you to give them any of your attention.

“I personally ignore them. You should, too,” Sarah explained since they’re pretty arbitrary.

Don’t buy coconut milk anymore, Sarah Wilson suggests. If you’re looking to save money on your groceries, buy coconut cream instead of coconut milk. You’ll get more coconut, and you can water it down if you want a coconut milk consistency.

Bacon rind can do wonders for your diet. Save it, Wilson suggests. Just cook it at a high temperature and turn it into homemade bacon bits. These can become delicious toppings for the salad.

What do you think about Sarah Wilson’s health tips?

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